Remember those nights of cuddling up with your family to watch a movie? Imagine again of the warmth of the blanket and the salty goodness of the microwave popcorn. Hear again of the crackling fire and the hearty laugh coming from your dad after a funny joke.
Or what about that time when you enjoyed a cup of coffee with a close friend? Listen again to the soothing tone of your friend’s voice or the calming background noise.
This lifestyle can seem impossible to maintain in our hectic Canadian culture. After all, we’re based on 40-60 hour work weeks and hustling 24/7 to make the Canadian dream come true. But what if I could tell you a secret that would make it easier to have the work/life balance you’ve always wanted?
Enter hygge, stage left.
For those that didn’t rush to learn about this funny term, it comes from the Danish. It doesn’t have a literal English translation but it doesn’t need to. Hygge (pronounced hue-ge) focuses on comfort, community, and contentment. Like all lifestyles, it gets easier with practice but you need to put in the time and effort.
Life can get busy, I get it. Priorities get shifted, life never seems to stop, and you can’t remember the last time you hit the gym.
For one to have a fulfilled life, one must nurture it first. Here’s three ways to add a little hygge to your busy day.
1) Drink one hot beverage a day with thought.
This may already be a staple to everyone’s morning but have you put much thought into what you’re drinking? Tune inward to the body with every sip of coffee, tea, or hot water and lemon. Thinking about how it feels is both calming and helps check in on how the rest of your body is feeling. Experience it, don’t chug it down. (Disclaimer: If it’s too hot, you’re not doing it right! Wait until your beverage cools down enough to appreciate it.) My favourite coffee is The Great Canadian from Real Canadian Superstore.
2) Invest in a blarf.
Investing in a blanket-scarf (blarf) will help during the long Canadian winters. Sometimes, even the manager needs the snuggle of a blarf to get through a team meeting. Amazon has some great ones here and here.
3) Meditate every day.
I recently discovered meditation this year and it’s a game changer like hygge. Meditating nudges you to sit still and feel content in the moment. It’s a positive time out for adults and ten minutes is all that it takes. Check out Headspace for help, the free app comes with guided meditations to help you get started!
We’ll talk more about bring a Canadian flare to the hygge culture soon but for now, grab something warm and relax. It’s only by refuelling that you can hustle even harder.
Best wishes,

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