Hygge Spotlight: Coal and Canary Candle Company

It all started with an idea and a glass of wine…
Sounds like the perfect beginning to any story, right?
This was the start to a dream that became Coal and Canary Candle Company, created by Amanda Buhse and Tom Jansen. They created the company after Tom saw some candles at a local farmer’s market and realized that he could make better ones. Now, Coal and Canary Candle Company have their first brick and mortar location. Did I mention they have a Grammy/Academy Awards swag selection under their belt? Manitoba, represent!
Their hand-poured candles come in a variety of smells that can suit even the toughest critics. From Maple Liquors and Snow Capped Firs to Peach Pies & Cute French Guys, there’s something for everyone. Their organic and untreated wooden wicks, when lit, make a soothing crackling sound. When you close your eyes, it feels like you have a fireplace in your room! Coal and Canary candles have a clean burn that fill your whole room with the right amount of fragrant oils.
Candles are ideal to any hyggelig night. Our Danish friends know this all too well. “According to the European Candle Association, Denmark burns more candles per head than anywhere in Europe,” says The Little Book of Hygge. 28% of Danes light candles everyday and when candles are lit, 38% say they light more than five.
That’s a whole lot of candle.
Let’s meet Amanda!
DW: What does hygge mean to you?
AB: Hygge means having a work/life balance and being able to relax at home.
DW: What do you do to feel comfy and cosy?
AB: I have lots of candles! I’m cosiest at home with my dog, Pancakes, having lots of blankets, and having elements around me that make me feel comfortable.
DW: What are your favourite ordinary things in your day?
AB: Right now, it’s walking through the Exchange District to the store. I like getting it ready before everyone comes in with the lights out. It’s such a unique feeling, with the atmosphere in here. I also really like cooking dinner, it’s one of my passions and it helps me destress.
DW: Favourite moment of creating Coal and Canary Candle Company?
AB: It was probably one of our our first or second times meeting because it wasn’t a business at that point, it was us having pure creativity coming from an innocent and organic place. It wasn’t coming from a place to try and make money and make a business, it was us being friends… We had big dreams for this tiny seed, it was a really fun time.
DW: Which candle is your favourite? Which one would you recommend for a cosy night in?
AB: My personal favourites are That Hot Barista for cold months and Crimped Hair & Truth or Dare for summer months. It’s hard to recommend one because we just came out with two new collections but the two I’d recommend are Chunky Knit Sweater and Cable Knit Scarf.
All the candles mentioned and more are available at www.coalandcanary.com. Support local businesses and get a candle or two! I bought Super Powers and Fresh-Cut Flowers and it’s the best candle I’ve ever owned.
P.S. Keep checking back to True North Hygge, Coal and Canary Candle Company will be back for more in the new year!
Warm wishes,
Amanda Buhse
Many thanks to Amanda Buhse for being so lovely throughout this shoot and for the candle recommendations!


I may or may not have this candle for one lucky winner… but you’ll have to wait until January to find out!
Coal and Canary Candle Company’s location is the ideal Instagram backdrop and this shot is no exception.

The motto to everyone who practices hygge, am I right?

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