Wishing You A Very Merry Hygge Thanksgiving

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colour, Canadians start to prepare themselves for Thanksgiving – an extension of the American Thanksgiving celebrated a month and a half early with a focus on the year’s harvest.

Canadians this year have a lot to be thankful for! We celebrated our 150th birthday all across the country, we welcomed more than 32,000 asylum seekers, we had a boy reunite with his family in Winnipeg after being captured by ISIS, we celebrated our athletes at the 2017 Canada Summer Games, we had Julie Payette, a former ASTRONAUT, sworn in as Canada’s 29th Governor General … the list goes on.

Now, we get to sit with our families to eat all sorts of amazing food and do the awkward “what am I thankful for?” routine around the table and enjoy each other’s company. I find Canadian Thanksgiving to be a nice example of hygge – it’s all about having food with lovely company on a cool October day. It’s the ultimate set up (with the exception of Christmas)!

But the part of Thanksgiving that I hope people take away from this year is that expressing thanks should be a part of your daily routine. Expressing thanks should be done more than once a year.

This is where the contentment side of hygge comes in, appreciating the everyday little things. I often have to search for something to be thankful for during that awkward question around the table because I’ve already said thank you in that day five times.

I’ve become more thankful as I’ve grown up and I’d like to thank my hygge lifestyle for that. This is because I’m more appreciative of the little things I have because my life would be less than if it were without.

I’m thankful to wear comfy socks and lounge on a Sunday afternoon because I don’t have to worry about working on Sundays to make rent. I’m thankful for the smell of coffee waking me up every morning because my mom makes it before I get up. I’m thankful for the comfort of driving to school every week day morning because I live in a middle-class family that allows me to drive to and from school.

I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that those celebrating Thanksgiving on Monday come to share more about why they’re thankful every single day. If it comes with a sprinkle of hygge, that’s even better.

Don’t leave your thanks to one day. Be thankful everyday.

Warm wishes,


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