Let’s just mug out together, okay?

I think Demi Lovato had hygge on the brain.

If you’re unclear about the reference, we’re talking about MUGS today! When Demi Lovato was asked by a reporter in 2015 what her favourite dish was, she said, “My favourite dish? I like mugs because they’re very comfortable in your hand and they hold hot things you don’t have to touch. So, you know, coffee. Hot tea.”

Mugs are an ideal staple to the perfect hygge evening. They’re such a simple and fun way to carry food and beverages – even jewelry! (I admit to this one wholeheartedly). They come in all shapes and sizes and colours (holla to mug positivity!), and there are so many mugs that despite their chips and imperfections, I can’t justify throwing them out. As faithful hyggelig members of the world, we love our mugs because they make our lives so much easier.

Mugs can be more useful than you think too! Full disclosure to you all, I will often eat ice cream out of a mug because I can cuddle up with it while watching TV, the liquid ice cream doesn’t spill as much, and it also helps control how much you have. (If I don’t have some sort of mechanism to control my ice cream consumption, I will eat the entire thing).

Here are some fun recipes I found to help inspire some mug-positivity!

5 Minute Mug Cake recipes

Mac and Cheese in a Mug

S’mores Chocolate Cake Mug

How about this adorable mug on Etsy? I love that quote, and the camping mug style is something I’d love to get on board with. Now, to find cupboard space…

Here are some of my favourite mugs for those days that desperately need a pick me up. Is it filled with coffee or ice cream? You’ll never know.BB8letsgetcosyManitobamugpeanuts

Warm wishes and hearts,


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