The Winter Hygge That No One Talks About

As a Canadian hygger, you’re already used to the cold. It’s just a regular routine to bring your jackets, toques, and scarves up from the basement. Heck, it’s an annual treat when you get to see your favourite scarf again. At this point, you’ve already lived through enough winters that unless you can’t see anything when you walk out the door, you don’t let the weather affect your daily schedule. Life still goes on regardless of how much the air hurts your face.

In what I’ve seen on Tumblr and #hygge on social media, you’re told that hygge is all about staying cozy warm with blankets and hot tea. It’s not to say that it isn’t these things (and they’re a lot of fun) but there’s so much to winter hygge that people don’t really talk about.

  1. Playing outdoors (even when you don’t want to) – Aahh the days of skating along the land trails or tobogganing down huge hills. Yeah, sometimes it’s just too damn cold to do it – but you do it anyway, and it’s SO MUCH FUN. (Side note – if you’re a Winnipegger, I highly recommend you check out the river trail this year at The Forks. They’re wanting to set a record for most people skating on February 4th in support of CancerCare!)
  2. Getting sick and being forced to hygge – This is often the wakeup call for people when they’re constantly working so much that when they get sick, they stop entirely – weirded out that they’re not doing 34584395 things. When I get sick like this, I see it as a blessing from my body to remind me to relax a little bit each day, so I don’t get even more sick in the future.
  3. Stopping outside to appreciate the cold – You’re probably laughing but hear me out. When I find myself rushing from one place to another in the cold, I’m usually grumpy because “sdfdsjfkld why do I LIVE IN A coLD PLACE THAT HURTS MY FAAAAACE.” When I get to this place, I stop. I take a deep breath in and scan my body from my head to my toes. I acknowledge the parts of me that are cold and the parts that are warm. I thank my body for helping me productive in such freezing temperatures, and I thank the clothes on my body that help protect me. Then, I look up and see all the beauty surrounding me, often covered in a blanket of white. I find this little exercise of gratitude helps me get through the winter because it reminds me of how cool it is to live in a cold place! 😉

I hope you try some of these exercises out (only do the sick one first if you actually get sick!!), and let me know how they help! I’d love to hear how they work out.

Warm wishes,


P.S. I have a special treat for you all next week – so stay tuned!!

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