Hygge and Technology: A Counter-Point

One of the parts of hygge that I’d like to address today is about its relationship with technology. Since hygge is all about the disconnecting world, I want to challenge that thought with a counterpoint.

How many of you have that one TV show that you watch when you feel like crap and helps you feel better? What about that one movie that cheers you up no matter what? Maybe it’s a YouTube channel that inspires you to hustle and be grateful for all that you do?

I certainly do, and it’s called Bob’s Burgers, The Mindy Project, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Lilly Singh’s vlog channel SuperwomanVlogs.

When we feel stressed, and no amount of tea or favourite books will do, I think turning on the TV can be a calming technique that can bring all the hyggelig vibes! I find when I’m particularly stressed, I have a hard time focusing on words and find peace in laughing (or crying) to a good show. It’s an escape that sometimes you truly need when you’re by yourself or even when you’re with friends and family. I still remember when my friends and I did a Harry Potter marathon in high school – it felt so amazing to be with everyone all snuggled together laughing and crying over our favourite wizards.

Fun fact: There’s this popular Danish show called The Killing where the main character Sarah Lund wears this adorable comfy jumper and people started going crazy over it! The Danish do love their cozy (and now I really want her jumper!).


To add my voice to the topic of hygge in the video age, I’ve created a True North Hygge YouTube account! My first video talks about how to help someone when they’re sad and mentions the awesome giveaway (enter now by joining the True North Hygge Facebook page!)! Please share it with everyone you know and let’s share the hyggelig cheer one view at a time.

For future videos, is there something you’d like me to cover? Let me know below!

Warm wishes,


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