Don’t Wait Until You Get Sick

Stage left – me.

*coughs* Dani is quiet. Then, she hears her throbbing head from the consistent headaches.

After that, the sniffles. Then, feels woozy and has to sit down.

Yep, the illness that everyone else had finally caught up with me.

When you get a cold, people often tell you to drink lots of water and rest up so you can get better faster.

But let me ask you something – were you resting before you got sick?

Probably not, we’re all too busy. Or maybe you were, but you were busy scrolling your phone or doing something absent-minded.

Bringing hygge into your life before illness can actually make the disease less prevalent or irradicate it all together! Think about it, if 99% of illnesses are stress related and you’re not relaxing, what good is that doing to your body? I finally got sick on the cusp of spring, but I was able to get through most of the winter because of hygge.

When I mention “the power of hygge” in my YouTube video, I’m not kidding.

Can we all just have a hyggelig get-together and combat illness and be awesome?

Okay, cool.

If you need me, I’ll be drinking tea, watching Netflix, and working towards getting better.

Warm (and healthy) wishes,



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