Finding Hygge in the Weirdest Places

I want to be 98% honest with you all – right here, right now.

I haven’t been practicing hygge as much as I’ve liked to lately.

We’re all human, I get it. Sometimes, it’s genuinely easier to see pins of hyggelig activity than doing it ourselves. As much as I’d love to live in my comfy Roots sweatpants right now, I’m unable to due to adult responsibilities, and frankly, I’m not as productive when I’m in them.

There will be moments like these when you don’t get hyggelig with it, and you need help. Look no further than down below, where I’ve created some simple steps to find hygge in some bizarre places.

  1. Invest in a travel essential oils kit – I swear, my travel kit is my secret weapon for tackling the world. I have my kit in my backpack at all times for when I need a quick hit of peppermint or lavender to chill me out. I also find that when others smell the oils on you, there will be a few asking you what smells so good! When they do, offer some to them! My kit is a combo of the Pocket Farmacy kit and Travel Safe kit at Saje!
  2. Play games – Playing different games have been such a mood chiller for me when I’m free for only a couple of moments and want to do something away from social media to pass the time. I’ve been playing more Sudoku puzzles and Solitaire on my phone. A note about the games: play games that are relaxing with no major goal or timeline involved. It defeats the purpose to hygge if you’re high strung on gaming!
  3. Listen to your body and the environment around you – I find sometimes I need to stop whatever I’m doing and breathe. It’s not because I want to, it’s because I recognize that I need to look up at my environment and see what’s around me. There’s this mindfulness technique where you use as many senses as you can to connect with the space around you, and I find it’s really hyggelig for when I have a hard time finding it. Also – feel your laptop every once in awhile. When it gets too hot, play some games and wait until it cools down enough to keep working on it.

Where are some of the weird places you find hygge? Let me know down below, or in our Facebook group where you can keep up to date with all things TNH!

Warm wishes,


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