Organizing Your Hygge With Bullet Journaling

Where are my bullet journal peeps at?!

Hey ooohhh! Bullet journaling is so much fun! I admit I don’t have a future log and whatnot, but I do have the index and space to design and write everything down in it. Mine looks more like a detailed planner but I really appreciate how it’s 100% customizable and it looks exactly how I want it because well, it’s my creation!

It’s very hyggelig for me to make little calendars and notes in it, plus I have a section after my full 2018 year of notes from podcasts I listen to! One of the things I want to implement with you is how to add a little hygge to your bullet journal.

The Daily Reminder

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves daily to do something hyggelig. We can pass entire days without doing anything for ourselves! This is one small fix you can do to create powerful change from the hygge lifestyle.

  • Write down hygge somewhere small.
  • Then, give yourself a line and fill it in with what you did that was hyggelig! For me on that day, I said that Dancing with the Stars is what I’ll be doing (silly me, it’s playing on April 30th – wishful thinking!
  • Mark it up for the entire week, fill it in every day, and track what fills your heart with hygge!


The key is accountability and sometimes, if it’s in our bullet journals, we’re more inclined to complete it!

If you’d like, you can also create a page where you track all of your hyggelig adventures but do what works for you!

What has worked for you? Let me know!

Warm wishes,


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