Springtime… for Hygge!

IMG_6350Welcome to Spring, everyone! Can’t you feel it in your bones? As the snow melts and the calendar changes to April, there is a sense of optimism that often isn’t explored since Fall. You don’t have to leave your house with your heavy winter coat every day, and you can just enjoy being outside for extended periods of time, instead of rushing from building to building to keep warm enough to feel all your extremities.

Don’t worry about the hygge though – hygge follows us 365 days a year, regardless of what stock photos online tell you. Feeling cozy is something everyone can feel every day, not just in winter with the extra socks and sweaters.

Here are some of my favourite ways to hyggelig in the springtime!

  1. Go on looooooooooooooong walks – It’s so nice to be outside and deeply breathe in the fresh spring air! I usually grab my adorable raincoat and some good shoes and walk around my neighbourhood! (If you’re a Winnipegger, I always recommend the riverwalk from The Forks to the Legislature. It’s so pretty and I love to walk it whenever I can.
  2. Go through old clothes, shoes, objects – Letting go of items that don’t serve you is one of the top hyggelig things I do because it calms me down and helps me recognize where I should be putting my hard-earned dollars. Plus, it boosts any mood when things in your room, apartment, or house are clean and organized!
  3. Have bonfires with friends! – I get that this is more of a summer/fall thing to do, but it’s really nice to have in the spring because you’re finally outside to have them, and you truly get a good blend of cold and warm from the experience. It also provides excitement for the senses on what to expect for the summer

I’m truly excited to explore more hyggelig things in the spring and summer time with you because with repetition becomes a habit and I truly hope hygge becomes a necessity for everyone to find a better balance in their lives.

Warm wishes,


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