Healing with Hygge

I finally found the courage to begin this blog again and I’m very thankful you’re here.

These past four months were crazy hectic, but I felt that rather than document all of it online, I really wanted to explore the discomfort and move through it. From the last blog post, I finished the hardest program of my life, went on legitimate job interviews and was whisked away to Montreal for a week. On May 18, I got a call from my director saying that I got my first full-time job with incredible benefits. Who knew I’d be so excited for health benefits?

In the first week of June, I ran my first 5k on a Sunday, walked across the stage to grab my diploma with pumping arms on a Tuesday, and started my very first full job on a Thursday. I celebrated my 24th birthday with family and friends and felt incredibly loved. I hustled throughout the summer with projects at work and having incredible fun on the weekends. I joked about finally catching up on Netflix shows and ended up falling in love with RuPaul’s Drag Race and Queer Eye in the midst. I went to concerts, cabin weekends, and bought myself some really nice things. I was making the most of this new liberation of freedom from the previous life I had but felt terrified of the new life I was about to begin – one with adult responsibilities now that I didn’t have school as an excuse.

While I didn’t have very obvious moments of hygge throughout my crazy summer, I could feel it in the air and in my heart wherever I went. I found hygge through listening (and crying) to Passenger, one of my all-time favourite acts, perform at the Winnipeg Folk Fest, and then again at the Michael Franti concert, where we held hands for a brief, crazed filled moment. Hygge followed me into stores where I started to buy products I always wanted that I could just now afford and not feel guilty about. It was with me in my warm coffee and in every hug from my friends.

This summer, hygge was more than just a trend – it was the comfort I needed in my new transition. I know hygge will continue to be with me wherever I go – especially with the cool breeze of fall. I know it’ll be hiding underneath my Thanksgiving dinner, and in the warm embrace of my partner, in which we’ll celebrate two years together in October. Hygge’s going to be there as I grow from having temporary bandages on all aspects of my life to creating actual systems that feel more like my authentic self.

Hygge showed me that there is comfort in every part of my life and that the path I’m currently on is the right one for me.

All these feelings are coming up to the brim with the excitement I feel about fall. This will be the first September where I’m not going back to school, and it feels scary and liberating at the same time. I can focus on the things that I enjoy about September without having to count how many weeks are left until Thanksgiving. This new lease on Fall always reminds me of this quote by Scott Fitzgerald,

Photo credit to Pinterest – unknown source

This was comforting when I first read it, but now it feels more concrete – like I truly understand what it means. My life feels like it’s starting again. With that crisp air and warm sweaters around, it reminds me that I am in my one body and that is where I am home.

Where my life will continue, I’m not entirely sure. What I do know is that the healing I experienced over the summer and will continue to feel will be there every step of the way.

Warm wishes,



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