Healing with Hygge

I finally found the courage to begin this blog again and I'm very thankful you're here. These past four months were crazy hectic, but I felt that rather than document all of it online, I really wanted to explore the discomfort and move through it. From the last blog post, I finished the hardest program … Continue reading Healing with Hygge

Springtime… for Hygge!

Welcome to Spring, everyone! Can't you feel it in your bones? As the snow melts and the calendar changes to April, there is a sense of optimism that often isn't explored since Fall. You don't have to leave your house with your heavy winter coat every day, and you can just enjoy being outside for … Continue reading Springtime… for Hygge!

Valentine’s Day and Hygge

// SIGN UP FOR THE EMERGENCY HYGGE PACK GIVEAWAY! JOIN THE TRUE NORTH HYGGE FACEBOOK GROUP! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1935819193301819/ // Oh, February 14... How you make people go crazy with heart-shaped everything and make restaurants busier than usual on a Wednesday night. I can't help but love you (pun intended). Growing up, I've always been a hopeful romantic. … Continue reading Valentine’s Day and Hygge