Netflix and Hygge

Let’s face it – it’s getting cold. Even when it’s a balmy -5 celsius outside, it still feels cold.

And with the cold, comes procrastination. The begrudging feeling of getting out of the warm sheets and into a cold car or bus onto school or work, already dreaming of the next time you’ll be back in bed.

One way that’s helped me be hyggelig in these cold times is watching Netflix. I’ve been using it as a work-and-reward system where I need to do a certain amount of work before I can binge some shows. I find that when I do this, it makes the show just a little funnier than usual. Plus, I don’t feel guilty watching it either.

Want some recommendations on some hyggelig shows? Let’s chat!


The Mindy Project

I finally took the jump to watch this show a week ago, and it’s equal parts fun and funny. You can’t help but agree to Mindy Lahiri as she navigates the waters to find that perfect romantic comedy man and be a hip New Yorker as an OB-GYN.


Bob’s Burgers

This one is an all-time classic for me. It’s one of those shows (like 30 Rock) where I’m guaranteed a good laugh and a fun story. This show helped me through depressive periods and I continue to be thankful for it. Watching this hilarious family deal with school, customers, and Jimmy Pesto is definitely binge-worthy.


Patton Oswald’s Annihilation comedy special

This special was such a pleasant surprise to find. My boyfriend and I have a thing of watching stand up specials together, and we really enjoyed Patton’s. Not only was it funny and relatable, but when he discusses the grieving process of losing his late wife Michelle, you laugh and cry at the same time. The quote that she often says that stuck with me is “It’s chaos. Be kind.” It’s a hyggelig-approved stand up special to help you feel ALL THE THINGS.

What are your favourite shows on Netflix that are hyggelig? Comment below!

Warm wishes,



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