Hygge Spotlight: Cornelia Bean

The moment you walk into Cornelia Bean, you feel like you’re coming home.

The charming brick and mortar tea and coffee shop, located at 417 Academy Road, is the epitome of hygge that I’ve experienced lately in Winnipeg.

After talking with Cory Krul, owner, and Kelli Wiklund, manager of the shop, there is an immediate vibe that they really love what they do. It comes out in how they talk about their tea and the services they provide.

We chatted about how the company was inspired by Cory’s grandmother Cornelia Boon, which means bean in Dutch. The shop has been running for over 15 years, and there’s no stopping them now.

They are an excellent example of Canadian hygge because they’re not necessarily looking for a transaction of products. They want to create a conversation. In this bustling world of shopping exchanging of goods and services, they want to get to know their customers, and I have no doubt that they refer to their regulars by their first name.

Cornelia Bean provides fine tea and coffee selections that provides something for everyone. They also sell coffee and tea accessories and can host private evenings to teach couples how to brew different coffees and their experiences.

Thank you immensely for Cornelia Bean for their donation to the giveaway, which goes live starting February 1st.


And yes, I was extremely excited about the Victoria Beach tea and I bought some.

It’s ridiculously delicious.

Warm wishes,


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