I Like Overcast Days and I Hope You Like Them Too.

I believe overcast days get a lot of flack when they don’t deserve it. We just experienced an overcast/rainy day in Winnipeg and rather than shying away and praying for sun, I ended up taking a lovely walk through downtown Winnipeg and took some photos.

While I was walking, I noticed the comfort of not profusely sweating through my new H&M fall jacket and appreciated the occasional breeze against my face. I also find it amusing when people need to run outside during summer to tan on hot days because if you didn’t know, you can tan on cloudy days too. I discovered this on vacation one time when I didn’t think I needed sunscreen on a cloudy day at the beach.

That day alone I got the best tan of the trip. The clouds insulated the heat!

I can understand people’s dislike in overcast days. They’re not sunshiney and the calm mood it brings can be misinterpreted as a sad or mellow day.

But what if we could see them as a day of reflection? What if we could see overcast days as a positive push towards taking a breath and slowing down?

I remember having a conversation with a customer from back in the day as a cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart. The customer said she liked the cloudy day we were having because she didn’t feel pressured to run outside and enjoy the sun. The cloudy day gave her an excuse to stay inside and watch a movie, something she hadn’t done in awhile.

While that pressure is all and good (because in specifically Winnipeg weather, the five months of heat quickly turn into seven months of hyggelig hibernation), we shouldn’t feel pressured to be outside when it’s nice. As well, we shouldn’t feel pressured to stay inside when it’s not so nice. The contentment side of hygge shows up to say that we can and should appreciate everyday, regardless of how it’s dressed. While knowing the forecast is helpful for planning the day ahead, it shouldn’t control it.

The biggest reason why I really enjoy cloudy days is because they help me appreciate the sunny days more when they do come. I really enjoy sunny days because they help me appreciate the cloudy days when they do come.

It’s all about balance.

Warm wishes,


P.S. Here are some of my favourite photos from my walk the other day. Clouds are helpful for photography in comparison to harsh sun during midday.



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