Hygge Spotlight: A Pinch of Creativity

Female empowerment – one brushstroke at a time.

Sounds great, right?

That’s what Tannis Ross, owner of A Pinch of Creativity, located at 296 McDermot Avenue, is hoping to evolve her business into.

Her “artisan boutique and creative workshop space,” located in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, provides a balanced blend of artisan gifts and creative space for anyone to unleash their creativity. There’s something for everyone, from t-shirts to notebooks to fun mugs to remind everyone that we aren’t functional until we’ve finished our morning coffee.

Tannis’s shop embodies an essential part of hygge that I find others don’t necessarily talk about – the sense of comfort through a community. Like a hyggelig two-for-one, as it were. There is merit to practicing hygge by yourself, with a cup of tea in one hand and the TV remote in the other, but there’s nothing quite like sharing experiences with friends. It’s important to note that according to The Little Book of Hygge, most people in Denmark find hygge with a couple of friends. Not too little or not too much, just right.

Tannis hopes in the next five years to downsize the shop’s size but in exchange, provide more retreats and workshops. Her space currently hosts multiple workshops, including

“When I’m in my workshops, I see self-doubt… I want to be apart of empowering people to demystify the whole “art thing” and the benefits of being creative every chance you can get. It really helps with anxiety and depression, and I don’t think people see the connection between them.

We talked about art and animals and what makes us happy, and for her, it’s her family and pets that make her happy. “My cat’s purr is comforting to me… as well as hearing the door open when my daughter’s coming home from school.”

Below are some of the snapshots I got of the shop during my visit to Tannis’s store! If you’d like to go to one of her upcoming workshops, make sure to check out her website here for all the details. Thank you to Tannis for your time!

The storefront to A Pinch of Creativity on 296 McDermot Avenue in Winnipeg, MB.
Adorable window front at A Pinch of Creativity


Fairy lights and comfy chairs are not only hyggelig but also MY JAM.
Samples of artisan products sold at A Pinch of Creativity. I would love a map of Winnipeg for my room!

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