Books and Hygge Are Bert and Ernie

You really can’t have one without the other, right?

Reading is one of the best ways to get your hygge on because it marries all three of the core values of comfort, community, and contentment. Thinking back, I’m surprised I haven’t already talked about the importance of reading!

A value of reading is that it helps us disconnect with the Internet (which I will challenge in the coming weeks that it doesn’t necessarily need to) but for now, it helps. We aren’t wired to our phones or computers because we need to find out what happens to the protagonist. This value is the comfort side of hygge.

A community aspect of reading is that it doesn’t have to be a solo act to enjoy. Book clubs are an accessible and informal way to enjoy each other’s company and talk about the books you’ve read while away. They also help keep you accountable to read and enjoy that time because when there’s only a couple of you there, it’s hard to hide. It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from The Great Gatsby.

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties, there isn’t any privacy.”

The contentment side of hygge and reading? It’s a simple act that brings a lot of peace. The whole creation of a book is so simple and beautiful. The smell of a book from Chapters is one of my all-time favourite scents – with its blend of a freshly printed, cut, and bound book with the infusion of coffee from the nearby Starbucks. Books don’t require careful handling and can take any beating you can throw at them. If anything, the stains, folds, and manipulations bring authenticity to the object. Like my old band teacher Mr. Kristofferson said when I was upset that I spilled orange juice on my composition book:

“It’s unique now! It tells a story now that’s completely authentic to you.”

The funny thing about this discussion is that books are merely hunks of paper unless you decide to open them up. Kind of makes you think about life, right?

Here are my recommendations for very hyggelig books:


the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

I have found that reading poetry during these cold, dark days have been beneficial to my mental health and my hygge. Her words are simple and powerful, and I feel right at home when I’m reading it. (Notice the wear and tear of my copy? It comes with me everywhere now!)


The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking

This one just so… happy! 😉 This book, a sort of sequel to The Little Book of Hygge is excellent, as it dives into understanding what makes people happy. Hygge and happiness are one of the same.


tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

This book came into my life when I was really young, and I credit it as one of the reasons I’m a positive person. It’s not until you’re dying that you realize how much you need to live or have lived. It will bring you to tears – but in the best way possible.

What do you recommend? Let me know down below!

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Warm wishes,


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