Tea Time, Anyone?

I still remember the first time I had a cup of tea.

Well, I had previously tried the classic Red Rose tea, but it was terrible according to my twelve-year-old self.

The first time I had a cup of tea that I liked was at my friend Kayla’s house. I was hanging out with her on Spring Break, and when we were ready to have some snacks, she asked if I wanted some tea.

Being the 6th grader I was, I stuck up my nose, “Ew, tea? It’s so bitter!”

She assured me that tea wasn’t just Red Rose, and brought me a cup of raspberry tea. I had no idea that tea could be fruity! It’s like a cup of warm juice – I was into it!

Since that discovery, I started consuming more and more tea, and my warm beverage love came into harmony when I started drinking coffee. Having warm beverages became a hyggelig experience for me, and it’s a simple way to create one on the go – just make sure you don’t burn your tongue!

Below are some of the teas and equipment I use to maximize the most out of my tea experience.


DAVIDsTEA “Dewdrop Dipped Nordic Mug” – $23

I’ve been experimenting for a while on whether or not to have a mini strainer in my mug or the bigger one shown in the photo. While I enjoyed my little stuffed yellow submarine strainer in my tea, I found that at the end of my cup there would be so much residue that got through the filter’s holes. The micro-holes in this filter make sure excess tea doesn’t get into your tea to help you enjoy more of what you want! The mug itself is clean, adorable, and super big to get more out of your tea! Plus, the saucer is helpful when you don’t have time to throw out the excess tea and want to stick at your laptop to keep hustling. So so happy with my nordic mug.


These are my favourite teas from the past while!

  1. “Victoria Beach” from Cornelia Bean – Remember when I was obsessed with Cornelia Bean when I visited their shop a while ago? (*coughcough read up on it here coughcough*) I’m about halfway through my pack, and it’s such a fruity pump up for when I need some extra hygge!
  2. “Mint Refresher” from President’s Choice – I admit that I enjoy a good bagged tea from time to time, only because of its efficient cleanup. Mint helps when I’m not feeling well or have a headache, so this is my go-to because I find peppermint tea alone can be hard on my stomach to have consistently! Such a yummy blend.
  3. “Sweet Talk – 12 Heart-Stealing Teas” from DAVIDsTEA – This tea set came with my nordic mug and it’s so nice to have a diverse selection of different teas (photo below). They’re all fruity or light, perfect for when I need different tastes for different moods!

What are you top hyggelig teas? Let me know below!

Warm wishes,


One thought on “Tea Time, Anyone?

  1. Sleigh Ride From David’s Tea! Only Available At Christmas Time, So It’s Best To Stock Up On Boxing Day! And Of Course, It Tastes Best In My Nordic Mug From David’s As Well.. But Mine Has Cats All Over It!


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